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OMFG what did they say?!

OMFG what did they say?!

Demolition Polytoxic

Danger Zone is perfectly embodied by Wahine Lilikoi Kaos: from her fiery hula hooping, to her stage and crowd control, she doesn’t miss a beat.

Saskia Sassen - Nothing Ever Happens in Brisbane


Lilikoi Kaos as Danger Zone flexes their multi-disciples as the hyper-femme, hoola loola and literal drill sergeant…delivers with that cunning Polynesian smile.

Ofa Fanaika - Nothing Ever Happens in Brisbane


Hot Brown Honey The Remix

Kaos’ energy and humour shines on stage

- Theatre People

Circus Oz: “But Wait…There’s More”
‘…Lilikoi Kaos, whose larger than life attitude transcends all communication barriers.’

Sydney Morning Herald - Chloe Smethurst


‘Highlights of the performance were Lilikoi Kaos, reminiscent of Bette Midler in both stature and energy, and who engaged constantly with the audience as she worked the stage.’

Stage Whispers – Shirley Jensen

Lilikoi hoops

‘There are highlights, no doubt. From the poignancy of the unicycle duet, to the cheeky joy of Lilikoi Kaos‘ hula-hooping.’

Broadway World – Jacqueline Bublitz


‘Opening the show was the Princess of Australian Circus, Lilikoi Kaos, with her brilliant and sassy hula hoop routine. This routine deserves 5 stars alone, and Lilikoi’s masterful manipulation of not only one, but 50 or more hoops at once, was a beautiful sight to be seen.’
Toorak Times – Melynda Van Wayward

Lilikoi Kaos’ 101 hoop mania…
Australian Stage – Gordana Andjelic-Davila


Circus Oz: ‘Close to the Bone’
‘Probably the highlight of the entire performance was the clowning by Lilikoi Kaos, whose hilariously expressive facial expressions won some genuine belly laughs.’
Arts Hub – Isabelle Orderberg


La Clique
“These acts are superb and often spectacular in their own right but it is the collective impact wielded by the entire La Clique family. Coming together in this most ideal of venues which creates a magical experience … the greatest show on the Fringe.”
Fiona Shepherd, The Scotsman *****


‘Lilikoi Kaos with her hula hoop act done to Minnie the Moocher is audacious and jaw droopingly skilled.’
The Edinburgh Guide – Irene Brown

La Clique Royale
‘Sideshow star Lilikoi Kaos contributes stunning hula hoop choreographies interspersed with farcical visual gags’.
Fringe Review- C.J. Lazaretti

Glory Box – Sydney
‘…special, limited edition guest artist, the petite yet voluptuous Lilikoi Kaos, who does things with hoops that defy the eye, musically accompanied by electroswing, which provides an ideal rhythmic bed. It’s all down to impeccable timing and acute comic sensibility.’
Crikey-Curtain Call- Lloyd Bradford Syke

‘The Burlesque Hour is joined by Lilikoi Kaos ‘Princess of Circus, Sideshow & Vaudeville’ this gyrating, hip-shaking, breath-taking superstar flown in direct from a 5 star sell out show ‘La Clique Royale’ in Edinburgh.’
Seymour Centre Magazine

Glory Box – Garden of Unearthly Delights
‘Lilikoi Kaos is a crowd favourite, particularly during her hula hoop number – who knew it was possible to smoke a cigarette, perform a sultry striptease and pull off a show-stopping hula hoop routine all at once? With her flexibility, circus skills and easy charm, she quickly has the crowd rapt.’
Adelaide Theatre Guide – Paige Mulholland

Lilikoi handstand
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